Homes for Rent

American Heritage Properties will help you find a good place you can call home. We have a list of the best homes for rent in San Diego, California. You can find great choices, depending on your needs and family size. We have a database of all the owners who offer their properties for rent. Working with us is the fastest way to find a good property.

Strong Connections

The American Heritage Properties team has access to the most recent and convenient rental offers in San Diego. Property owners in the area contact us whenever they want to find new tenants. Staying in touch with our team is the best way to find your next rental home. As reliable property managers, we serve as a bridge that connects homeowners with their future tenants. We’re here to help you, whether you’re looking for a townhome, a house, or a condo in San Diego.

You can choose from our comprehensive list of rental homes on this page.

The Application Process

You need to undergo a screening process before you can officially become someone’s tenant. The process involves a background check and an interview with your employers and landlords. This will let us know about your employment, rental, and credit history.

Contact us or fill out our online Rental App to get started.

Some of our homes will accept tenants who do not meet typical income, credit and reference requirements. In these situations the landlord may consider a guarantor (co-signer). The first step is to contact our office to determine if co-signers are considered for the home that you are interested in renting. If so, just have the guarantor complete the “Guarantor App”, and attach it to yours.   Guarantor App